Do you know you can reach high productivity and cutting accuracy of your media?

If you cut billboards and other flexible media by hand you can automate this process by saving money and time.

Here are the advantages if an Automatic XY Cutter becomes part of your productivity/finishing process:

  • Very fast: you can cut one roll of 50 meters (164 ft) in 3 minutes (depending on the type of media)  
  • High accuracy: thanks to the automatic vertical media alignment correction
  • Save time and money: no more waste of material
  • Less use of labour: once set the parameters the machine works without the operator's assistance
  • Suitable for flexible materials: paper, PVC banner, wallpaper, vinyl, backlit & frontlit display, magnetic rubber, canvas and many more

Look here below which Automatic XY Cutter can help you for your daily activities:

MIURA PLUS HD Automatic XY cutter with automatic vertical cutting correction for heavy rolls

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MIURA PLUS Automatic XY cutter with automatic vertical cutting correction

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MIURA PLUS BUFFER Automatic XY device for inline cutting with large format printers

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STACKER  Motorized collecting table for inline cutting for automatic XY cutters

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NATORS For Visual Communication

A wide range of laminators to apply the lamination film on media for the visual communication in order to protect the images for long periods. Available single-hot or dual-hot laminators or heat assisted top roller laminators for medium and smaller users

Heat Calendars for Dye-Sublimation on Fabrics

The dye-sublimation is a technique that allows the customization of print fabrics. It is particularly suitable for technical or customized sportwear, for fabrics and curtains used for events, fairs, festivals and customization of stores.


A wide range of automatic XY Cutters, electrical trimmers, table top cutters for flexible media and roll slitters for small production or for the industry that answer to the most different applications in the visual communication field.


Fast and practical system to realize three-dimensional tags and labels. It uses an environmentally friendly UV mono-component resin, not dangerous for the user. Innovative doming system to give a nice and brilliant 3D effect fnishing to PVC labels of any shapes and dimensions, adhesive media and other traditionally printed materials.

Suitable Materials:

• PVC or polyester labels

• Adhesive media

• Metal dog tags

• Pins

• Printed materials

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Professional laminator designed for the continuous application of primary coatings, base coats or protective lacquers using solvent-free UV lacquers.

Suitable Materials:

• Rigid and half-rigid panels

• Flexible materials (Thickness from 0.1 to 80 mm)

• Papers

• PVC Banner

• Cardboard
• Corrugated Cardboard
• Foils
• Wood based panels