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Galleon R11-1U 1K ~ 2 KVA
Galleon R11-1U is design with slim 1U form factor, perfect to fit for data processing and transmission such as servers, networking and IP telephone services, it provides clean, high level quality power to fully protect mission-critical devices.

Main Features

  • Compatible to lithium-ion battery and sealed lead acid battery.
  • Microprocessor control optimizes reliability.
  • Output power factor 0.8 (1.5K/2K PF=0.9).
  • 1U compact size perfect fits for data processing and transmission such as servers, networking and IP telephone services.
  • Converter mode available via software setting.
  • ECO mode for energy saving.
  • Built-in USB/RS-232 communication ports and dry contact.
  • Emergency power off function(EPO).

Galleon R11-LI 1K ~ 3KVA

Lithium UPS provides a more comprehensive protection because of its longer autonomy time as its greatest benefits and it comes in different from factors to fit your storage space.

Main Features (Internal Battery Model)

  • True double-conversion
  • Generator compatible
  • Output power factor 0.9
  • Fast battery recharge time
  • Charging current is selectable through LCD
  • Input power factor correction
  • More than 8 min full load backup time
  • Easy battery replacement design
  • Long battery lifecycle > 2000
  • Built-in protection circuit in battery pack with UL 1973 (MH63914) certified
  • UN38.3 for battery transportation

Main Features  (External Battery Model)

  • External Lithium-ion battery pack
    save at least half space and 3x longer life than VRLA batteries

  • Modular design easy for expansion
    Extended backup time by adding more battery pack

  • Rack/Tower convertible
    Provides installation flexibility to suit rack installation or tower standing

  • Battery Management System (BMS)
    Built in BMS communication port for battery management

Galleon R11-LG 3K ~ 6KVA
Featuring true double-conversion design, the Galleon R11-LG sports a powerful 60A AC charger and an optional 80A MPPT Solar Charger for deployment flexibility, this unit is also parallel up to 9 units for single phase or 3-phase operation.

Main Features 

  • True double-conversion
  • Pure Sine-wave output
  • Output Power Factor 1.0
  • Configurable Charging current via LCD setting
  • Compatible with Generator
  • Cold Start capability
  • Overload and short circuit protection
  • Very powerful AC charger at 60A
  • Optional parallel operation up to 9 units for single Phase and Three Phase application
  • Common 49Vdc battery pack for the parallel system
  • Full Bridge inverter design to support half-wave load and unbalanced load.

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